3 Residential Cleaning Tips for a Time and Money-Saving Chores

Quick Tidy-Up for Your Home

One can never have too many cleaning tips. Knowing a few helpful cleaning techniques may make the process simpler and more effective, whether you regularly clean your house or simply give it a quick tidy-up before visitors arrive. Here are 3 residential cleaning tips that will help you take some work out of your chores by saving you time and money.

Make use of your dishwasher to clean more than just dishes

The creation of the dishwasher is fantastic. But are you truly making the most of yours? You may use your dishwasher to wash hard plastics, glass, or ceramics for a more thorough cleaning. This can include flip-flops, toothbrush holders, and even toys made of hard plastic and glass. Make sure to place any little objects in a dishwasher-safe container so they won’t tumble to the bottom and harm the appliance.

Clean glass using vinegar and newspaper

Glass and mirror cleaning using towels can leave streaks, smudges, and lint behind. Newspaper is ideal for washing glass and windows since it is a highly thick substance with soft threads that make it non-abrasive. It is also easily accessible in the majority of homes. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and inexpensive window cleaner substitute if you want to cut costs or switch to less hazardous cleaning products.

Clean your baseboards with dryer sheets

Even after they have been used, dryer sheets can still be a useful cleaning aid. Dust may be repelled and your baseboards will smell like new laundry if you run a dryer sheet along them. Additionally, you may use dryer sheets to get rid of dust from curtains, mirrors, chandeliers, and other sensitive lighting fixtures.

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