Residential Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Tips

Residential cleaning can be an endless task, but it has to be done properly! Today, we will reveal the steps needed to ensure effective cleaning. With these short tips, you can get the job done well and swiftly.

How to Clean Effectively

Step One: Remove Debris

The very first thing to do is to clear and remove all the debris off surfaces. This comes under the category of picking things up and putting them away. In this step, you will go around each room and clean and put everything away. This is then followed by removing any loose debris from surfaces that you intend to clean.

Step Two: Wipe Down Surfaces

The next step is to wipe down all the surfaces that you removed the debris from. A good way to do this is with hot water, a microfiber cloth, and some detergent. After you have gathered all your supplies, go through and wipe down every surface, handle, and whatever else that you are cleaning to remove any leftover stuck-on debris. Then leave these surfaces to air dry.

Step Three: Disinfect Surfaces

Now that you have properly cleared your surfaces of debris, the time has come to disinfect them. To do this, you will need to take the disinfectant and cover the surface then leave it to sit on the surface for approximately 60 seconds before wiping it off and leaving it to air dry. If you are not using a multi-surface disinfecting and are using disinfecting wipes or an aerosol spray that doesn’t require wiping, cover the surface then leave it to air dry. Another thing is that you should remember to read the label to find out what the allotted dry time is for any disinfectant you use, as each one is different.

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